Ashtanga Yoga & Kyoto

It has been a very fruitful six Mondays teaching at Kyoto’s Tamisa Yoga Studio.

I have always been told Kyoto folks are not as keen (to yoga practice) as other Kansai folks. And in Japan, Mondays evening & Fridays evening are usually considered as “dead” slots, if you get 10 students you should consider yourself lucky. However, during the 6 evenings I were there, classes were always full, students were all cheerful. Not competitive, no laid back practitioners either. A very mixed level class situation which also made teaching challenging.

I almost ended every class by recommending the students to try Mysore style practice. At the end of the 6th class, finally a handful of them approached me for more information. Now I am beginning to get excited ~ for the upcoming 2 new Mysore Shala that are due to open by the end of April in Kyoto!

It will grow, it will boom!

Meanwhile, I will continue to play my part. Accepting further invitation from Tamisa to teach more in Kyoto and become their regular guest teacher.

<Veronique’s Ashtanga Special Class>
Location: TAMISA-Sanjo Studio
Date: 12th April, Sunday
Time: 2pm-3:10pm

<Veronique アシュタンガ特別クラス>
日程: 2015年04月12日(日)14:00~15:20(80分)
会場: 三条寺町スタジオ
料金: 各種チケット有効、レンタルマット¥100、ドロップイン¥2,700(マット付)


See you soon!

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AYT Home Page is Live!

Ashtanga Yoga Tattva Osaka‘s home page is live!


Heartfelt gratitude to
Maho Masui for her creative talent in developing the Shala’s identity;
Chigusa Kita for her professional & diligent translation;

Special thanks to the existing loyal AYT members’ support in the past 3 months to stabilise the Shala’s energies.

Yes, we are ready to take on new comers!

Surf & flow here:

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Coming Soon: Guest Teacher — Daniel Caplan

Coming soon to Ashtanga Yoga Tattva Osaka (AYT)  …
International Guest Teacher: Daniel Caplan

— KPJAYI Authorised
— Suria’s Ambassador 2006 – 2014
— 13 extended trips to Mysore India since 2002
— Taught in Tokyo for 6 years & speaks fluent Japanese
— Now learning Advanced Series under the guidance of R. Sharath Jois

Stay tune for more details on workshops & mysore class!


アシュタンガヨガ・タットワ大阪 (AYT)にインターナショナルゲスト・ティーチャー、ダニエル・カプラ(Daniel Caplan)がやってくる!

— KPJAYI アシュタンガ・ヨガ正式指導者に認定。
— 2002年から13回にわたって、インドのマイソールへ渡航。
— 東京でマイソールクラスを教えた経験があり、日本語堪能。
— スリヤ(ヨガウェアやグッズのブランド)のアンバサダーとなる。(2006-2014年)
— 現在、R. シャラート・ジョイス(R. Sharath Jois)のもとでアドバンストシリーズを学んでいます。


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4D and A Beginner

October 28, 2014 this young lady attended her first yoga cum first mysore class in Osaka.

She said she has always been an angry French; no patience to do anything more than 3 times; never lived in the present moment… not only her mind is always occupied, all her body parts “talk” to her after every practice to find excuses to quit. “If you want to change it, come back everyday.” That’s all I said.

The scary part was, the first few days, she would come back to class and report that she fainted & fell while riding her bicycle. And she would sleep for hours & hours right after practice. Not only physically stiff, but apparently also very weak from long term illness. For the next several weeks, we modified the practice. And during the last several weeks in the new shala, we re-modified the practice sequence and put things back to normal. That’s all we did in 4 months.

Last week, she smiled and said: “My class-mates and my mom were all surprised that I do yoga everyday in Japan. Sensei, can you take pictures of me doing asana? I wanna show them…” Sure!

Dedication, discipline, devotion & determination is a chain of actions.







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2015年2月1日より… Effective 1 February’2015 @ 京橋 Kyobashi, Osaka

Ashtanga Mysore Class Schedule スケジュール:

1) Mysore マイソール: Sun ~ Thu (日 ~ 木): 0630 ~ 1000 (*door opens ドアオープン 0600)

2) Led レッド: Fri (金): 0715 ~ 0845 (*door opens ドアオープン 0700)

unnamed7 Jan Collage

☆the moning sun☆



IBC Access#2 Collage
















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2015 新春特別!アシュタンガマイソール短期集中コース (Ashtanga Yoga Essential Course)



*3週間 9クラス

土、日は 10:00~12:00
火は   19:00~18:15

〒550-0015大阪市西区南堀江1-16-9. MIRABELL SOUTH 2F

~ ¥33,000
~ ¥30,000 (1月9日金までは早割り)
お申込受付電話番号:06-6578 0770

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Date: 11th January 2015, Sunday
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Venue: 〒550-0015大阪市西区南堀江1-16-9. MIRABELL SOUTH 2F

First time in Osaka!
One system, two methods!
Traditional Ashtanga Yoga!

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 8.38.44 pm

Veronique Tan, KPJAYI level 2 authorized teacher, along with six of her dedicated Japanese students will conduct an illustrative session at ChiaKiss, allowing audiences to understand the beauty of this widely spread Ashtanga Yoga system with their own eyes.

A combination of traditional Sanskrit counting guided group class & it’s signature Mysore style self practice, all in one session.

Demonstration … follow with Q&A session!

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