Guru Purnima ~ full moon in July


每年7月份的滿月是印度的“Guru Purnima”節慶。數以千年來印度人都在這神聖的一天向上師致以萬分的謝意。偉大的瑜伽行者、也是Ashtanga 練習者敬稱為“Guruji” 的 Sri K. Pattabhi Jois,恰巧就在1915年7月份的滿月天誕生了。今天,在Mysore上百位的師生,放開了體位,以鮮花、puja、音樂、祝語跟老師一家人歡慶了Guruji的壽辰以及Guru Purnima節慶。美麗的一天。

Full moon in July is Guru Purnima. It is sacred day dedicated to Gurus / Spiritual teachers, observed in India for thousands of years. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, a great yogi that we are familiar with, was born on Guru Purnima in 1915, and became our beloved “Guruji. Today (12th July), in Mysore, we take rest from Asana as it’s Full Moon day, and celebrated Guruji’s birthday & Guru Purnima with the Jois family.

7月の満月の日はGuru Purnimaです。この日は、インドでは何千年も昔から、Guruすなわち自らの精神的指導者に敬意を示す神聖な日とされています。私たちの良く知る偉大なるヨギ、Sri K Pattabhi Jois氏は、1915年のGuru Purnimaの日に生まれました。そして後に、私たちの敬愛する”グルジ”となったのです。今日7月12日、マイソールではアサナの練習はお休みとなり、Joisファミリーと共に、グルジの誕生日とGru Purnimaを祝います。


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第六次回到 Ashtanga 的源頭來練習,不經不覺已經一個禮拜了。


很多練習者頭幾遭來到 Mysore,也許因為在很短的時間內生活節奏與內容都跟來印度之前截然不同。 忽然之間會有種陷入海市蜃樓的體會,離開之後有些人會因為各種原因墜入一種不能自拔的混亂。這樣的循環也許要經歷數回才能消減;也有些在循環之後會去到另一個層面。

我第一次來到這裡的時候,正經歷一場心理混戰。每天只想站到墊子上,不想有人來碰我。隱約中似乎知道只有透過重複又重複的體式練習,才能將心理層面的毒素排出體外,也算是人之將盡的一種本能反應吧?誠然,ashtanga 每天重複又重複的體式鍛鍊,是以練心為最終目的。心能靜,才能聽到上帝的聲音與指引。心裡的海市蜃樓既已成形,無法(沒有?)墜入另一種虛幻也是很自然的吧?是福是禍?


練完了連續七天的一級口令課,Gokulam 還是一樣地安靜祥和;Rickshaw 還是沒有坐地起價;教室卻是從此禮拜天不開放。週一開始各人漸次回到自己平常的練習,場內難免進入另一種能量頻率的起伏,奏出另一種的旋律。享受著自身更內斂的練習之餘,卻也很期待這種隔空的交流。


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The Teacher’s Energy

Veronique Tan:

The moment I decided to apply to study with my teacher again in Mysore India, the process of identifying a “suitable”, not simply “available”, authorised teacher began in my mind.

Contacted three industry colleagues, and #Kaz Castillo became the eventual one. Why? Read her blog here…

Originally posted on kaz castillo:

Veronique coming into Virabhadrasana A

Veronique coming into Virabhadrasana A

I love that precious time in the morning, when everything is quiet, and the teacher self practices, breathing his or her energy into the space, laying down the blueprint for the class to come…

Things have gone full circle again as I return to Osaka, this time to cover for Veronique Tan, who took over the Spirit Mysore program after I subbed for it 9 months ago. For the last three mornings, I have worked the mysore room with Veronique, assisting some familiar practitioners but also a lot of new ones.

And I am inspired–just as I imagine many of the students (there was a record number of students today at 27) who came to class this morning to send off their teacher. It’s amazing what one person can do in 9 months. And while Veronique herself relates that the program did not begin to…

View original 213 more words

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Introducing new SUMMER MYSORE program….サマーマイソール〜この夏はマイソールを体験しよう!〜



~ Come experience mysore fun this Summer!

~ An intimate environment with one-on-one teaching in a small group settings.

~ The best way for beginning students to learn the Ashtanga Yoga system;

~ Ideal for practitioners that are unable to leave your house early in the morning

Day:            Monday & Wednesday

Time:            1500 – 1630

Teachers for July & August:

  1. Tomomi-sensei
  2. Naoko-sensei

Applicable to the followings:

  • First time Mysore trial @ 1500 Yen
  • Regular drop in rate @ 2700 Yen per class
  • Weekly Mysore pass @ 7000 Yen per week.
  • Spirit Yoga Ticket Holders (4 times & 10 times tickets)
  • **NOT applicable to Morning Mysore Pass & Gold Pass holders



トモミは2007年末からアシュタンガヨガの道に進みました。2011年よりKPJAYIでR シャラート ジョイスの下で練習し、タリック ターミとマット コリリアーノからも定期的に指導を受ける生徒です。熱心で献身的な練習は、強く、注意深いマインドを培い、また、チャンティングやサンスクリット、哲学の美に触れ、更なる自己探究を深めています。この美しい練習を2012年よりトモミは教え始め、練習を愛することを伝えながらマットの上と外での学びを生徒とシェアしています。
Tomomi embarked on her Ashtanga Yoga path at the end of 2007. In addition to practice with R. Sharath Jois at KPJAYI since 2011, she is also a regular student of Tarik Thami & Matt Corigliano. Devotion & dedication to the practice built her a strong & mindful mind; drilling into the beauty of chanting, Sanskrit & philosophy cultivated self exploration within. Tomomi began teaching this beautiful system in 2012, sharing & promoting a loving practice on & off the mat.
2009年、アシュタンガヨガに出会う。伝統的なマイソールスタイルで日々練習を続ける中、自分の体と心が未知の領域へと変化していく面白さに、どんどん練習にのめり込む。2013年よりKPJAYI正式認定講師であるVeronique Tanに師事、アシスタントをつとめる.
Naoko started practicing Ashtanga yoga in 2009. Before long she was enthralled by the magic of the system which changed her state of body and mind dramatically. She’s dedicated herself to a daily Mysore style practice since ever. Since 2013 Naoko practice under the guidance of KPJAYI authorized teacher Veronique Tan and also had the opportunity to assist in her daily teachings.
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CLOSING THE CIRCLES ~ A good teacher looks at the individual

“In this system of yoga it is so simple: learn the count! Learn the count and the names of the postures. Learn the mala of the postures, as Guruji called it. You become independent of the teacher, and are then on your own journey through which you gain the experience to become dependable.”

….”Innovation is what feeds the tradition, allowing it to grow. You can´t replace Krishnamacharya but his work was extended and improved by the innovations of Iyengar, Deshikachar and Pattabhi Jois. They respected and maintained the traditions but at the same time developed them through their own insights and experience.”

…… “If the student´s Dharma is not to be a teacher then there is no need to pressure them to do Marichasana C like this or Marichasana D like that, and in this particular order ……. We need to take away the judgement of peer-group Ashtanga pressure – that it must be done in a certain way. …… And this is where it is not one size fits all. …… A good teacher looks at the individual.”

~ John Scott

自立を促すヨガのシステムは至ってシンプル:(サンスクリットの)カウントを勉強する! カウントを覚える! アーサナの名前を覚える! アーサナの順番を覚える! グルジが言っていたように。

……… 革新は伝統を育み、その成長を促すもの。クリシュナマチャリヤの功績は、何物にも代え難いけれど、アイアンガーやデシカチャール、パタビジョイスらによってそれは拡大、改良された。

 ひとつのものが、全てにあてはまるものではない。…. よい指導者は生徒ひとりひとりの個をきちんと見ているもの。

〜By ジョン スコット
(Certified teacher)


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We meet every Tuesday & Thursday at 3pm. Today is the your last chance to enrol.
Secure your spot here: +81 (06)-6881-3317 (Tel)

Dates: May 8th(Thu), 13th(Tue), 15th(Thu), 20th(Tue), 22nd(Thu), 27th(Tue), 29th(Thu) & June 3rd(Tue)
Time: 1500~1645
Venue: Spirit Yoga Osaka 6/F

Course fee:
~ ¥14,400 for GOLD pass & MYSORE Pass member
~ ¥16,800 for other SPIRIT member
~ ¥20,000 for non-member

**Next course is only available in September 2014.

いつもエネルギに満ちたベロニク先生が指導してくださいます!お申込受付電話番号:06-6881-3317 (3日まで)



~ ¥14,400 ゴールド/マイソールメンバーの方
~ ¥16,800 スピリットヨガ会員の方
~ ¥20,000 非会員様

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NOTICES ~お知らせ~ (From 1st May)

NOTICE: (Effective 1st May 2014)

As many of you have noticed, our class has grown. In order to maintain the teaching & learning quality of our classes, we are making the following changes:

From Monday to Friday:

  1. Morning mysore class hour is extended to 1000am. Door opens at 0615.
  2. Current students & drop-in practitioners with established practice may enter the room by 0830.
  3. Backbend finishes by 30min before class time ends.
  4. New students with no mysore style experience please enter the room after 0800, or consult the teacher direct to arrange a time.
  5. Led classes on Fridays start 0645.

For Saturday & Sunday:

  1. Morning mysore class hour starts from 0800. Door opens at 0745.
  2. All students may enter the room by 0845.
  3. Backbend finishes by 30min before class time ends.
  4. New students with no mysore style experience please consult the teacher direct to arrange a time.

Thank you for your cooperation and understandings.

5/4Sun)〜5/6Tue) Regular classes at Spirit Yoga is suspended for Golden Week holiday. Mysore will have make up lessons. Therefore, no extension of passes.





  1. モーニングマイソールは10:00まで延長。ドアオープンは6:15。
  2. 現在生徒とされているドロップインの方は8:30までに入室してください。
  3. バックベンドはクラス終了の30分前までに済ませてください。
  4. マイソールスタイルの経験のない新しい生徒の方は8:00以降に入室してください。または、指導者に申し出て時間を設定してください。
  5. 金曜日のLedクラスは6:45スタートです。


  1. モーニングマイソールは8:00開始。ドアオープンは7:45。
  2. すべての生徒さんは8:45までに入室するようにしてください。
  3. バックベンドはクラス終了の30分前までに済ませてください。
  4. マイソールスタイルの経験のない新しい生徒の方は指導者に申し出て時間を設定してください。




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